Jack runs away. Karen panics.

So I've been gone for 2 days and left a key with my neighbor so she could come over and play with Jack and feed him for me. I just got in tonight at about 1AM. As he always does, he took the chance to make a run for it and I didn't rush to get him -- he runs outside every. single. time the door is opened. He only goes a few feet though and then usually turns around and starts meowing for attention. Not this time. This time, after I set my things down and went to get him -- he ran from me. So I figured I'd give him a few minutes -- like I said, he never goes far. But after I put the food in the fridge -- he was no where to be found. No where. So I start calling him -- he always meows when I call him. Nothing. So I get irritated and keep calling. Eventually, one of my calls is returned with one of his wails -- one of his desperate wails -- and all I could think was oh, no hes fallen off a wall and hes hurt and I can't find him! A few more wails (he was lost and couldn't find me -- hence the wails) and then nothing. So I'm running around the apartment complex at 2am yelling JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK.

And not only do I not get jack -- but this other cat -- a cute little black cat comes up to me whining for attention. And so now hes following me around meowing while I'm trying to find my Mr Jack thinking that OH MY GOD - I LOST JACK. And this is what I get for leaving him for 2 days -- hes so mad at me that he ran away -- and what if someone takes him and doesn't give him back -- WHAT IF THEY TAKE MY CAT? HE'S MY CAT!


Eventually I hear a neighbor whos come outside calling and whistling to get my attention -- "you looking for a cat?" YES. And he hands me Jack. What the fuck -- why do you have my cat? Did you just have my cat in your apartment? HE'S MY CAT.

Dammit -- I was really starting to freak out there. Stupid cat. I'm so not going to feel bad when I stick those orange nail caps on him for my own amusement.


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