Icky day soup

Well, I let a few too many people read this blog to post about what I really want to post about (what happened to a little thing called tact? Why don't people have this anymore?) but suffice to say it was enough for even someone ELSE to bend over and ask me if I was okay. I'm OK -- I'm on too much Paxil to not be OK.

Oh wait, speaking of Paxil -- about 2 weeks ago, the nurse upped my dose. Since then I think I've been sleeping. Yep - pretty much. And not like sleeping late -- but like randomly falling asleep and wondering why it's dark all the sudden -- wait what time is it? And not even having dreams or feeling rested -- it's just a passing out-black out kind of sleep. Wednesday I was half an hour late to dance lessons. Why? Well -- apparently I was asleep. I had come home from class - put laundry in the washer -- and I was heating up some leftovers for lunch -- then Michael's calling me to see why I'm not there. Wait-- what? Why's it dark -- what time is it? Are you serious? No shit -- give me 5 minutes. Same thing happened Thursday. Was supposed to be at Erin's at 7 for Grey's Anatomy and I'm awakened to a phone call at 7:30 wondering where I am -- I thought it was like noon -- what the fuck?

So yeah -- I'm not even waiting on them to tell me to go down on the dose. I'm feeling great -- WONDERFUL mood, no anxiety -- but damn, what's the point if I'm in a drugged up sleep all the time?

OK, now that I've had that little side rant and I can't post about what I'd like to post about -- I shall instead tell you about the wonderful soup I just made.

I made vegetable soup. It's a rainy really icky day and it just seemed like a soup kinda day. And what I LOVE about cooking, is that you get to make it your way and leave out all the ickies. So I made it without tomatoes - no onions -- no green-beans -- no okra -- no odd beans. What's left you ask? Well, I browned the beef -- added in almost 2 lbs of diced golden potatoes (LOVE potatoes), onion soup mix and tomatoe sauce. Boiled that for a while. Added in some dales sauce and seasonings, yellow corn, white corn, green peas and carrots -- simmered for a good long while... and poof. AWESOME soup. The taste is right on perfect -- and there's not much broth -- I don't like the broth much -- just loads of meat and potatoes with veggies. Nothing to pick out or avoid -- just an entire pot of perfect spoonfuls. Mmmm. I'm such a wonderful cook.


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