I <3 Halloween

Here's my latest carving -- a little green gourd next to a hollowed-out mini-pumpkin. I'd have carved a face on the mini-pumpkin but it was too short :( The gourd is just ADORABLE though. And I coated the inside with cinnamon so it makes the whole apartment smell like pumpkin pie baking in the oven. That's a tip for you -- sprinkle the inside of your pumpkin lids with cinnamon or wedge pieces of cinnamon sticks in it -- it smells delicious.

Halloween, Halloween -- I love Halloweeeeeeeeeen. The cute Halloween that is -- not the way-to-graphic bloody corpse Halloween -- the cute Hallmark Halloween. I feel the need to make that distinction because I was in a Halloween specialty store and I think it's gonna give me nightmares. They had a anamorphic dead body that dragged itself across the floor. There is also a "fountain" which is the upper half of a mostly decomposed corpse holding itself up on its hands and dripping red blood -- that's where the fountain part comes in. That's just too much for me. Funny Halloween -- cute dismissible Halloween -- that's what I like -- not realistic bloody corpse Halloween.


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