Give me a knife, I'll give you all the blood you want -- but you're not pricking my finger. No.

So I went to the wellness center today. I had to go because they just changed my psych meds (again) and they have to make sure I'm not trying to kill myself on the new dose. She also wanted to test my blood sugar. Yeah, I don't know why.

So I got there and they couldn't find the nurse -- she was running around working on projects they told me. Cause you know, why be there in the office -- it's not like I scheduled an appointment or anything (yes, sarcasm). So they were like, "well she wanted some blood work -- we can go ahead and do that. Do you know if it was labs or just a finger prick." I told them it was labs because I wasn't doing a finger prick. They thought I was joking -- why on EARTH would I prefer a big needle over a little finger prick.

Let me think.

Well, my finger has a lot more nerves than my arm -- and those fucking finger pricks hurt. And they keep hurting -- your finger is sore for like a day. No ones pricking my fucking finger, ok -- I don't even need a glucose test, I've had my blood-work run for everything known to man more in the past 16 months than I have in my entire life. I'm good. So they decided to do a full out draw through a vein. Why cant you just nick me -- or poke me with the needle. You only need half a drop -- hell, give me the needle -- I'll do it.

Anyway, she was bound and determined that my sugar levels would be high -- again, no idea why. My glucose level was 61. Yep -- it was actually pretty damn low. Heh -- you were wrong. Again.

So I figure while I'm there, I'll hit up one of those free flue shots. And it totally made my arm numb. Is it supposed to do that? And then they couldn't let me leave because they had to observe me and make sure I didn't have a reaction. They didn't tell me that before they stuck me. I was late for class. Gave me time to DRIP BLOOD FROM THE NEEDLE IN MY HAND. Seriously -- did you need to find a huge vein for your half a drop of blood? Cause you could have just poked my arm and it would have worked -- hell, you COULD have gotten the blood from the flue shot prick if you wanted to.

And then they cover you in band-aids. I always leave the doctors (or in this case nurse's) office with bandaids. I think it's cute. I can slice half a finger off doing crafts and I don't get a bandaid -- but for a needle prick we do bandaids. I broke 3 toes once and the ER couldn't do anything for me but let me walk out and heal on my own. I've broken ribs without getting so much as an ace bandage -- but I get 2 bandaids for a prick. I'm not complaining here -- like I said, it's cute -- I'm just saying: doesn't make sense to me.

So then I convince nurse to let me go downstairs and spend my observation time at Mom's -- they have fat free low-cal smoothies. Mmmm. She's a reasonable person and agrees as long as I'm close. So I go get a sugar free strawberry with 2 protein boosters (BTW -- side rant: The chick in line before me got the strawberry which is exactly the same as the one I got -- but not sugar free and has 3 times as many calories -- someone explain that to me. Why not get the healthy one?) So when I go to pay, they can't accept credit/debit cards. Damn. So I give him my UAH card to see if there's any money left on it. Nope -- but there's an ATM in the other room -- thank GOD. So I go grab a 20 and come back. He tells me I should go put the 20 on my UAH card -- he'll wait. No. He asks me why not.

Hmmm. Let me think.

Well, I say, I can take this 20 any where in the world and theoretically they'd take it. Orrrrrrrrrrrr I could put it on my UAH card and only be able to spend it here, in the cafeteria, or on copies. Hard decision.

I swear, people in the UC live in their own little world. The world that I never understood. Like all the people that just sit in the UC lobby. Someone once told me to go sit in the lobby and meet people. Dude - what? Why would I do that? I just never got it. I still don't.

I think I've strayed from the original subject. Oh well. I'm done anyway.


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

Oh how I know your pain. That needle in your arm might leave a bruise but I swear it doesn't hurt near as much as that damned pinprick. Especialy when you have to type all day. Unfortunately my veins are all sunken in or collapsed for reasons we won't go into so I'm stuck with the damned prick..

You're not the only one who doesn't understand sitting in a lobby to meet people. So much more interesting things to do in the world.

3:07 AM  

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