Expanding Family

My trip to see my family this past weekend went well. My newest nephew is doing great @ two weeks old. It's so weird that my brother has a big family now. Before it was my brother and his wife -- then they had a child -- but now he's got two children. It's odd. It somehow seems like more of a family unit now -- my brothers family unit. My brother has two children now and a huge house in a posh upscale neighborhood. It's hard to wrap my mind around.

He's done so well for himself -- I'm very happy for him. I know he's stressed out about money and now having a new child -- but I pray he also gets a break to enjoy it all. This weekend I went with him to one of my nephew's soccer practices (since I haven't been able to attend any of his games). It's so different to see him with all the children. They all love him to death and beg him to lift them up and swing them around. He's Cole's dad now. It's like a whole new person in a way -- I don't mean that to say this isn't who he was before -- just getting to see new sides of someone I've known all my life.

The pictures accompanying this entry were taken the day Cade was born -- only hours after the fact. Yes, I admit this post is just so I can't post the pictures. At least I narrowed it down from 60 to 3 -- give me a break -- he's precious. Isn't he huge? He looked/looks great -- he's still doing well 2 weeks later. His cheeks are even more puffy and delicious now. And he has that precious baby smell and feather soft hair.

It makes me wonder what it will be like when I have a baby. Heidi is so calm about it -- this is, after all, her second time around. I think I'd be scared out of my mind! And I know I'm the youngest in my family, but I hope I'm next to walk down the aisle and get started on making my own family. In the mean time, I get to play favorite aunt to the nephews ;)

BTW, the pictures in this entry link to their flickr pages where you can see them better. The top picture is Heidi & Cade -- doesn't she have a great glow about her? Then there's my mom shaking her new grandson's hand. The picture on the bottom is me getting to hold him for the first time. Don't I look so skinny? I gotta dig up a picture of the first time I held Cole because the difference is amazing.


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