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First, I shall address the topic on everyone’s mind: Yes, Tabatha is still in my bathroom. I don’t have to make a solid decision about what to do with her until Monday anyway as that’s the soonest I could take her to a shelter.

I’ve let her out into the apartment a few times to wonder around and see Jack. Last night Jack just stalked her – a constant 5 feet distance – he kept his distance from her – but he didn’t let her out of his sight. Today they’re at more of a 2 feet distance – if he feels the need to watch her. He has to keep tabs on her – but he’s perfectly comfortable to come play with me while she huddles under the bed. I let her roam around for a good while – until someone hisses and then she goes back in the bathroom.

Jack’s such a doll! He doesn’t puff up his tail or hiss at her – or even growl back. She constantly growls at him – but he just keeps his distance – or sits down when she hisses. He chases her and stays on her – but he doesn’t make any aggressive moves. He just wants to sniff her.

And when he is stalking Tabatha, I am not allowed to pick him up or to try to pet him – it might disrupt his concentration. I’ve been super careful to not let him see me petting her – and to give him loads of play time (he likes that better than affection or food) and love and reassurance – he’s barely phased by the whole thing.

The eating situation is odd. I was going to give them each some wet food to reward them for being so good – So I was going to set Jacks plate down and then grab Tabatha and give her her plate in the bathroom and leave her in there until Jack finished his meal – as she’s shown herself to run up and start eating his food and scare him away. Well, The second I ripped the bag, she was on top of me – so I sat Jacks plate down and grabbed her – but Jack didn’t want to eat his food. This is a first. Ever. He let it sit there for over an hour and wouldn’t touch it. Jack LOVES his special food. I don’t get it. Tabbatha didn’t have a chance to eat any of his (this time, at least) – but he wouldn’t touch it even though I had already put her up for the night. Any suggestions?

Ok, enough cat talk. I just wrote and addressed and sealed all my Halloween cards. That’s a lot of cards. I’ve been doing them at work and someone asked me if they were Thanksgiving cards. Nope – Halloween. But now that means I probably should do Thanksgiving cards too – especially since I’m going to be working and not able to get home to spend it with the family – which they will of course take as my intense hate and abandonment of the family. I had planned to just skip celebrating Thanksgiving all together this year. I’d rather not celebrate it then to spend it with no one but the cat and a long work shift. Plus that means I can put up the Christmas tree sooner.

Obviously, if I’m doing Halloween cards – there will be Christmas cards. Tonight me and mom were looking at a brochure that mentioned pictures with Santa and I joked that I should go have my picture made with Santa and I could put it on my Christmas cards – Then she said it should be me and Jack and Santa – and we laughed about it for a good while – Happy holidays – from Karen and her cat! So I think I’m going to go all out and actually do it. LOL I’m gonna have my picture made with Santa and Jack and have it plastered on the most gaudy set of Christmas cards I can find. It’s going to be so awesome.

OH OH -- Oh my god -- I'm going to get a green duck and have the picture made with me and Jack and Santa -- and Santa will be handing me the green duck. HAHAHAHAHA. My brother's going to laugh so hard he'll piss himself. These are going to be the best Christmas cards EVER.

(For everyone who doesn't get the green duck comment -- which would be everyone who reads, as it's a inside joke -- I guess I could offer a little explanation. The green duck joke has followed me through every Christmas that I can remember. When we were little, my parents videotaped every Christmas religiously. One year, they even videotaped us going to see Santa. Well, I was tiny and scared shitless – I was about to see santa clause – THE SANTA CLAUS – and I was supposed to sit on his knee and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. Obviously, I don’t remember this first hand – but I’ve seen the video tape more times than I’d like. They had gone over this with me a million times – I was going to sit on his knee and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. Ok. So someone’s video taping us standing in line – and I’m all over my surrogate father, Tim (my brother) – who, while being the most loving guy he possibly could, is still a guy who loves to laugh – if anything can be said about me & Tim it’s that we love our jokes. Apparently this relationship aspect developed early on. So I’m scared shitless and asking Tim what I’m supposed to say – What do I want? What do I tell Santa that I want? HELP ME, BROTHER. And Tim says… “Tell Santa you want a green duck.” This meant nothing – just something he thought would be funny so he made sure to tell me at least 10 times – “Hey Karen, ask Santa for a green duck – ok? A green duck.” So, they stuck me on Santa’s knee and he asked me what I wanted. And after picking my nose for what seems like an eternity – with Santa trying his hardest to get me to stop (hey, I was REALLY little, ok?) – I said what my brother told me to. I wanted a green duck. Santa didn’t understand – “A green duck?” “uhuh” *Santa pulls KArens finger from her nose and attempts to distract by filler her tiny hands with candy canes* “A green duck… what else would you like for Christmas?” “A green duck.” “A green duck?” “uhuh, a green duck.” *back to nose picking*

I’m sure my brother was laughing his ass off in the background even then. As he has laughed his ass off every Christmas since. It never fails that someone will say something about a green duck to me. To which my reply usually sharply refers to the infamous Teddy Rupskin incident.)

I’m gonna have my picture professionally made with Santa handing me and Jack a green duck. And the caption will be something like: “Santa finally brought the green duck” And my entire family will not stop laughing for about 2 weeks and I will go down as the funniest sibling. Oh it’s going to be so awesome.


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

Not eatting his food could be Jacks way of telling you he isn't happy with the newcomer. Keep an eye on them as he gets closer and closer to her. If it stays friendly then all is fine. If not then seperate them and don't let them be together for a day or two. I know it sounds horrible to leave her locked in a bathroom for a day or two but its better than out in the rain right?

Tabitha likely attacks the food because she's so underweight. She's half starved and has no clue where her next meal might come from so she jumps on it every chance she gets. Be careful that she doesn't stuff herself and make herself sick. This may go away when she realizes food will always be coming (which could take a long time) or it may be a life long trait.

4:15 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Yeah she doesn't even give me time to get the food out before she pounces. Tonight I was pouring it onto the plate (its the little pouches of wet food) and she wouldn't even let me get it out -- she had her head in it and grabed a big chuck and stepped back a few feet to eat it. It makes me feel bad for her :(

I'm worried about stressing out Jack or making him unhappy. He's my priority here and we've got our routine going and have been doing so good lately -- I don't want to mess that up.

And if I DID keep her, I'd have to have a vet get her up-to date on her shots (at least I know Jack had all his before I got him) and I'd have to get her spayed and there's just no way I could afford all that. So I'm still just at a total loss as to what I'm going to do with her. I wish I didn't feel so emotionally involved and guilty LOL

4:33 AM  
Blogger Lemming Leader said...

Check the website (or call) of your local humane society. Alot of times they have links to low cost clinics. Depending on what your area is like sometimes you can get them spayed and current on shots for around $50. It sounds more like she has a problem than Jack does honestly.. Cats are very finicky creatures and they're notorious for taking a long time to accept another of their kind. It sounds like they're doing really good together so far though.

On the other hand I totaly understand if you give her up. Some days I wish I wasn't the softie that I am for anything with four feet and fur.

12:02 PM  

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