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Two people tonight complimented me on my glasses without knowing that they were new to me -- just out of nowhere. I must have chosen well! Adn no one even helped me pick them out. Work cutie even told me they were sexy hot chick glasses. Nice.

Oh and I'm working on a new template full of October-y goodness. Should be up tonight considering I've got 10 hours left on my shift. Speaking of, can I just say that I fucking love technology? I brought my Powerbook with me to work in Photoshop and my Wacom tablet. I'm transfering images back and forth between that and the work PC (because it has the internet connection) with a thumb drive. And whats even better? I didn't have the Wacom tablet installed on the powerbook which sucks right? Ruin all my plans because I can't use it and I can't go home to get the discs. Bummer, right? Nope. I went to, downloaded all the software I needed to my thumb drive -- took that over to the powerbook and got the tablet working. I LOVE technology. All this internet goodness just makes me all warm and fuzzy. I guess a CS major isn't such a horrible fit for me afterall. At least the internet and gadgets get me going ;)


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