Sing it with me now!

I'm watching an old rerun of SNL from last year around Christmas. Jack Black is hosting and just opened it with a "song he wrote for King Kong." I know this is just a parody kinda thing -- but hey -- wasn't the entire Tenacious D album just a big parody? The King Kong song rocks, dammit -- I wish I could download it on iTunes! It's even catchy. I <3 Jack Black.

On another note (why do all my posts lately have random things compiled together as a "post"), After purchasing a concert ticket today, I decided to check up on what one of my other favorite bands were up to. So I hopped on over to to see what's up in their world. And holy shit -- they have a brand new CD coming out on Tuesday! What luck! I didn't even know they had a new CD coming out -- and now here I've only got to wait a few days. NICE.


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