A question of Morals & Money

Unannounced to me, a new Tickle-Me-Elmo has been released. This one is a little robot thingy that rolls around and slaps the floor while laughing and then stands on its own two feet. Snazzy. And good god -- look how much the things are going for on eBay! So here's the question -- do I do nothing, or...

Do I grab some money out of savings, buy 3 of the things and hock them on eBay later? Yes, I'm totally serious. I don't have money to waste on a stupid toy -- but if I can turn a profit now or down the road -- I've got money for that. And I've got time to run around town tomorrow to find some. But what if this is all just hype -- the thing just came out today -- why are they already being bid on hundreds of times on eBay? Will there be a huge shortage near christmas where I can triple my investment? Or will I be stuck with three laughing and way-over-priced Elmos?

What to do, what to do...

Ps, look at this creepy-ass picture of elmo. He looks like he's doing a real slow head turn or something. Like he has no neck so he has to kinda lean back to turn his head as his eyes dart in your direction. There's no way that thing would sleep in the same room as me. Period. You only think I'm joking.


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