I'm treating myself to a years subscription of Martha Stewart Living. I want to be Martha Stewart. I want a gorgeous house with a huge yard and gardens that I can decorate to hell and back for any random reason. And then I'd have all my snazzy friends over for tea parties centered and themed around some obscure minute detail. And lord at that crafts I could do. Crafts crafts and more crafts. Not just a studio -- but lots of studios and dedicated craft rooms. And unlimited supplies and funding and tools. And a whole garage of power tools ready for any whim I might have. And maids and cooks. And making a new kind of wreath every week from the wonderful plants in my gardens. And the decorations! Oh I'd be so awesome. If I ever become a rich mans wife, I wanna stay at home and pretend to be his personal Martha Stewart -- he better be detail-oriented.

Today I bought pumpkins. I love pumpkins. I got a big one, 5 little ones, 5 random awesomely cool gourds, and three pieces of dried indian corn. I arranged it all in the center of my table in this awesome bamboo basket/tray (it's a basket but it's round and very shallow -- like a tray) that my mom gave me. And then I went in my kitchen and grabbed the potatoes and put them in there -- and the apples too. It looks like a huge cornucopia over flowing with all sorts of autumn goodness. It makes me very happy.

I also hung a Halloween sign outside my apartment door. I mean halloweens only a little over a month away...

And yes, I'm going to buy even more pumpkins and carve them too. I'm going to drop into a home improvement store and pick up the proper tools. Namely, a key-hole saw. I'm also going to get some wood-carving tools. Pumpkins are less than 3 bucks at the store. I can buy one every time I'm in there -- and carve them all up in gorgeous baroque patterns and any manner of things derived from Martha Stewart's October issue. I'll probably wait to start the carvings until I get my camera back though...


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