Proud of Myself

Today I got to pay a lot of money for things I didn't expect to have to pay. Don't you LOVE when that happens? When you end up paying a ton of money for something that you had nothing to do with, certainly don't want to pay for, but have absolutely no choice? Cause I love it. Especially when it costs me 250 dollars that should be payed back to me -- but I already know it won't. YAY!

And for some reason -- well no, I know the reason. Because I was distressed about putting out a lot of money, I thought about other expenses on the horizon -- glasses. The lenses in my current pair have chipped across the top -- meaning that eventually, the right ones gonna "pop out." Seeing as this is my only pair of glasses, and that I can't get along without them -- that would be bad. I've been meaning to get new lenses put in them. And hey -- why not go ahead and look into that? So I went to Lens Crafters.

Turns out -- my already crappy insurance doesn't cover vision. At all. But this is something I really need, so I just have to eat it. It was 62 dollars just to get my eye exam and prescription. Ouch. Then for lenses -- they were going to START at 240. Double ouch. Painful. And that's just to get lenses in the frames I already have. We aren't talking about new glasses here -- just lenses. 300 bucks (eye exam + lenses). Ow. And Really, I need to have 2 pairs of glasses -- everyone should have a back-up pair -- plus glasses are so freakin snazzy and stylish. So I shopped around for some frames that I like. Their frames started at 130 -- but I found a pair I liked for 150 -- though you have to add lenses to that -- that START at 240 (remember?) and now you're looking at 400 bucks. Don't forget to add the 300 for the lenses for the current pair & the exam. 700 bucks. Seven. Hundred. Dollars.

Obviously, I couldn't afford to pay for them. I mean I have the money in savings -- but I have to transfer it before I can spend it. So I paid for the eye exam and took all the info for the glasses I wanted and left my order "open." Then I came home to sulk about the unexpected expenses totaling nearly a thousand dollars in just ONE FREAKING DAY.

Well, I decided to just look up the glasses I chose to post a picture of -- that lead to froogling them and finding them all over the web for 71 dollars (NOT 150). So I decided that if I get them, I'd order them online then have the lenses put in and save some money. But wait -- I can go ahead and order them with my prescription -- how much would that cost? Well, friends, I got lenses better than the ones I was going to get at Lens Crafters + the scratch resistence + the glare resistense + 100% UV protection -- for 130! That means the glasses and lenses are 200! That's cheaper than I was going to pay just to get lenses for my old ones! So Hell yeah I went ahead and ordered them -- I can't wait till they get here!

My old glasses, you ask? Well check this out -- When my new glasses get here, I'll be able to part with my current glasses (which obviously, I need so anywhere I got them would have to do them in 1 hour while I wait because I can't drive). So this means that I can mail off my current pair and have the same shiny new lenses put in them that will be in my new pair! I'm so excited! So over all I'll be spending 300 to get my current glasses saved from breakage and a brand new pair -- and that's impressive considering insurance isn't paying a penny of it. Funny, I could actually have surgery and a 12 day hospital stay and pay less out of pocket than I'm paying for some freakin' glasses. What the hell is that?


Oh, that reminds me. Today in class, I heard a guy actually say "w" "t" "f" behind the teachers back. First -- like theres anyone in the room who doesn't know what WTF mean -- and SECOND who the fuck says "W" "T" "F" -- who says the letters? Does he also say "L" "O" "L" instead of laughing? What a goober. In fact, goober and geek and lame are all too good for this freak. Who the hell says that? Say it outloud to hear how idiotic it sounds -- Don't just read the letters -- say them out loud. I've never heard them spoken -- it's far worse than you'd imagine.


In other news, I recieved my first Assembly program (Assembly the old stupid painful programming language). We went over a "hello world" program in class. ALL TWO PAGES OF IT. I freaked out. No seriously, I freaked out. I almost had an anxiety attack right there in class. I'm not exagerrating -- I almost had to leave the room. That's how freaking scary the "hello world" program looked. And now I'm going to have to write a much more complex program. In assembly. I'm scared.


Also, I got my power bill today. It actually went down even though I've been running the AC like i've got Frosty in the kitchen. How freaking awesome. I can totally get a penguin on these prices. I've had it on 65 degrees at night -- A penguin would be all over that shit.

He shall look like this:

And I shall call him Beeker.


Blogger Barking Up Trees said...

you hit bi-focals yet... ?

10:46 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

No. :-p

Actually -- this is freaky -- my vision has actually improved (very slightly) according to my past records.

10:53 PM  

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