Note to self:

When testing your stained-glass packaging skills, it's not a good idea to apply pressure until you hear a crack. While this does let you know the tolerance of the packaging, as you predicted -- you probably should think such things through a little further.

Hmmm. So. Am I obligated to inform the buyer ahead of time that I'm substituting a different cross than the one they bought? This one has less blue -- but hey -- it's not broken, and if you ask me -- that means that this new one is way better.

Would anyone like a cracked stained glass cross thats made from antique glass salvaged from a church in Birmingham? The cracks not noticeable -- really the buyer might not have even noticed it -- but I'd have felt bad. You pay shipping and it's yours...


Blogger Tel said...

I'm not a cross kinda girl. :-) But it sure is pretty.

9:31 PM  

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