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I am in need of a new cell phone. Needs to be Verizon compatible. Can you buy these anywhere (at a decent price) besides Verizon without buying a plan too? I don't want a damn plan -- I have a plan. My battery is messed up -- won't hold a charge. Time for a new phone. This one is a LG -- I don't have a problem with LG -- I've had like 3 LG phones but I hold no loyalty to them. The last phone I really loved (3 phones ago) was a Motorola -- everyone bad mouths those though. Need advice -- where can I get a steal on a good Verizon phone?

Is Apple ever really going to make a phone? Cause if I buy a phone and then the next week Apple finally unveils one -- I'm gonna be pissed.

Edit: I could go with eBay. I'll get a better deal there than I would in a Verizon store. Any recommendations on phones? My only requirements are that it have a color screen, external LCD (if it's a clam), speaker phone and the normal stuff that every phone has. Battery life is important to me. I don't use it for email or web surfing -- just a standard phone. I'm thinking I might want a camera phone so I could post pics here but don't most camera phones suck? Any insight or recommendations are more than welcome...


Blogger M. said...

I definitely recommend eBay. There's nothing like having a no-commitment relationship with a service provider! My preference is Nokia, but Motorola makes quality phones too. A lot of the pictures and all of the video on my blog was captured with my Nokia 7610. The standard for camera resolution seems to be 1.3 megapixels, also check for things like zoom and night vision. Make sure the battery is lithium, they have a better life.

I dont know what price range you're looking for, but I thought this looked cool:

11:10 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I havn't decided what my price range is -- but that is out of it. LOL I was planning on staying under a hundred -- hopefully even less like 60 - 75

11:18 PM  

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