New Glasses

While I await arrival of my new glasses, here they are. This picture shows my current frames (top) and my new ones (bottom). (I've included the brand/skew # Of the frames incase you just love them so much you have to get your own.

Though that picture shows my current frames in black -- Mine are cranberry red. My current glasses are still the nicer pair and will probably be my main pair. The new ones don't look it in this picture -- but they're very bold and dark (especially compared to my current ones which are only half framed). They've got that stylish geeky/quirky vibe for sure! And I ordered them in black frames (which look great with my eye brows) lined with pink. The inside of the frames is all pink -- so even though they're bold and geeky, they've got the ultra-stylish girly shape -- and of course the pink softens them and makes them very feminine.

I can't wait till they get here! I'll post a picture of me wearing them when they do.

Choosing the frames was simple. I tried on many of the hundreds of pairs they had and ended up with 5 in my "box" (they give it to you to carry around all your "possibilities" for comparison). When I looked closer, I noticed that two of the 5 pairs were actually the same frames (this one) just in different colors. That sealed it. I picked them twice independently. And the color was no question. I only had the second pair because they looked so good on me -- I just hated the color. LOL


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