The new baby nephew

The good news: I took TONS of picture of the new baby. Pictures of me holding the new baby (I look so skinny! I have pictures of the first time I held Cole and I was twice the size – well, technically I was pretty close to twice the size. I might have to get the picture printed on that merit alone), pictures of the momma and the baby – my momma and the baby – more of just the baby… you get the picture.

The bad news: I left the camera at the hospital in Birmingham.

Oh well. My newest nephew, Cade, was born September 22 at around 11am. I’m told the birth went quickly and yet there was lots and lots of pain – problems with the pain meds – and my sister-in-law swears to god that this is the LAST. He was born with the cord around his neck so he had to go to the NICU to have it cut away and now he’s doing great. He was born 9 lbs, 22 inches (still shorter than Cole was) and he is the calmest quietest baby anyone has ever seen. He doesn’t cry – He just kinda coos and might do a quiet eh-eh-eh before shushing again. Hes alert and just stares at you with cute little eyes.

I swear, he’s ADORABLE. I got to hold him lots. When Cole was born, he has to stay in the hospital for weeks and it was weeks before his own mother could even pick him up. So this is a new experience for the parents and us bystanders as well. He’s staying in the room with his momma and quietly cooing his little heart out. Heidi is doing great. She’s in pain but she’s handling it. And shes so great with the little one! She doesn’t look stressed at all – she just looks like a perfect natural. And shes loving every minute of it.

My brother is working his butt off. The baby was supposed to arrive Monday, so this weekend was packed out with things scheduled so everything would be done just in time for the new baby to come. He was on call last night and they were super busy so I didn’t even get to see him while I was down there. Heidi says hes just loving the new baby – and even after being on call, he wouldn’t lay down to catch any sleep before his next shift because he couldn’t just lay there with his precious new child in the same room LOL

Cole is THE big brother. Hes wearing a shirt that says so. In fact, that shirt had to be washed last night so he could wear it again today. He is smitten. Last night he didn’t want to leave because he was worried about leaving behind his little brother. And he wants to hold him constantly – if anyone else gets to hold him, Cole (who is 5, BTW) has to be touching and kissing him. It’s super sweet.

Cade doesn’t look like hes just a day old. Not at all – he looks like he’s been out for a good while. Hes got loads of hair, great skin color – and my, hes a robust little thing. He’s got wide shoulders and is anything but lanky – he’s going to be a strong little boy – hes got the football player frame. I can’t believe I might not make it home again till November! I’m gonna miss it all!

And my lord – I’ve never touched anything as soft as a newborn baby’s hair. There isn’t even anything I can compare it to.


Blogger Michael said...

Woah. 9 pounds without a c-section? No wonder she's in pain :o

Congrats to the happy parents (and big brother :)

12:00 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Yeah -- like I said, he's a biggun' You remember the picture of the kid next to my TV? That's Cole(y) -- the new big bro - who, BTW, was so freakin' excited to see me. He's never that excited to see me -- and I didn't even have the cat with me. It was awesome.

4:01 PM  

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