My mouth is hanging open.

Tíne Chnámh
Originally uploaded by Mac Suibhne.

I am in absolute awe of this mans Stained Glass. Look at this piece -- the subtle engraving in the clear glass -- it's just like the cherry on top - - actually no -- its even better and more detailicious than a cherry on top -- this is the perfectly placed chocolate curl.

Look though his Stained Glass photo set! It's all so gorgeous -- the solder lines, the colors -- the engraving details! And the swirls in the glass. Does this man use a glass saw -- because if he cuts those curves by hand than I really just in shock.

I've fallen in love with him just looking through his flickr. Marry me, oh stained-glass god.

Edit: After looking closer, I've decided he HAS to be using a saw. Some of those cuts are simply impossible otherwise -- unless he's overkilling on the grinder -- or unless he really is the stained glass god. Man -- I've GOT to get a glass saw someday -- I could be so awesome.


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