Jealousy is a very bad sin.

You know, I'm really very jealous of the people who live on Oprah's "Angel Lane." You know -- the neighborhood that Oprah built in Houston Texas for the hurricane Katrina victims. 65 houses. 65 brand new houses completely furnished and outfitted with all new furnishing and accessories --by professional designers -- and no rent or mortgages. They've been visited by every celebrity that ever pretended to care. Oprah's giving then something new every time I see the damn show. Today Matthew McConaughey built them a play ground. Jon Bon freaking Jovi just showed up to open Bon Jovi Blvd (complete with stocked fridges, BTW) -- and to give all the residents of the neighborhood free cell phones and a years free cell service compliments of Verizon. Eva Longorias coming on next -- I bet she gives all the little kids their own ponies.

I'll tell you what: Being stuck in a hell hole after a hurricane sinks your entire city has never looked so good. I'll camp out on my roof and wave at helicopters for a few days for that.

God forgive me - I know, I'm an idiot -- they went through a lot of crap... let me repeat that to myself for a long time. A real long time. I need to go pray or something.

PS: How old is Jon Bon Jovi? He looks pretty damn good for however old he is.


Anonymous Angel Lane Homeowner said...

You are jealous of us losing our homes, jobs, and people in our families dying? You really think that the homes WE BOUGHT on Angel Lane are worth losing a child, husband, wife, parent over? You think all that is worth meeting some celebrity?

I don't know where you got your information from but I am guessing it is the screwed up media. We HAVE MORTGAGES AND PROPERTY TAXES. I am a homeowner on Angel Lane, myself and the sixty-four other families pay a house mortgage every month like any other homeowner. Habitat did NOT GIVE us a house. Oprah did NOT GIVE us a house. We had to QUALIFY for the homes, provide two years of income tax transcripts, be employed, provide pay stubs, a credit report, work 300 hours of building our own homes, and PAY CLOSING COSTS. Before you decide to envy another person's situation, I suggest that you make sure that you are FULLY informed of the circumstances.

From what I have read on your Blog-your life seems pretty sweet. Think about what it would be like to never be able to open your front door again because there are over 100,000 people one year after the hurricane who cannot.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

You are 100% right. I'm sorry.

BTW -- wow, Oprah never mentioned that yall had to BUY the houses. What the hell -- how come she says that Angel network is paying for the houses and asking for donations to build more? What a rip off -- I donated -- what did my donations go for if shes making yall buy your houses?

And where does she expect you to get money for closing costs? What the fuck are all the angle network donations for? And you had to help build them too? Dude, Oprahs leaving out a lot of the story here.

Again, even if she did give you the house free of charge, I'd still be in the wrong.

3:36 PM  

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