I'm doing fine, thanks.

Got a out of the blue call today. It was from an old friend -- one I rudely dropped/abandoned because the friendship was far too one sided. Havn't talked to her in about 2 years. And rather than just going on about her problems which was the old way -- she was super interested in what I had been up to -- lots of questions about me and how I've been. It was nice. And so guess how the conversation went?
"What have I been up to? Well, I still live in Huntsville -- finally got my own place & a cat. Lost a hundred an twenty pounds. Oh yeah -- I finally got a Beetle too. I work at the police department -- it's pretty cool."
LOL -- how good do I sound like I'm doing? I was quite tickled that I only had good things to say about myself. That rocks. I've made a lot of changes in the past year or so -- a LOT. And they're all great. That feels nice :)

And you know I was telling her that and she was super excited for me -- even though I think she had this weird thing where she never saw me as hugely fat. And she asked me if I had any big plans to do something that I couldn't do before. And yes, I do -- but I didn't immediately fess that up -- I asked her what she meant. And she recalled the time that we went to 6-flags long ago and I didn't ride anything (because I was too big) -- she said she knew that that had bothered me. Heh. I didn't know she noticed, mush less had perceived my discomfort/shame/sadness about it. And isn't it funny -- that that's the exact thing I want to do?

I've mentioned it here before. That I want to go to a theme park with a ton of roller coasters because I never could ride them when I was "little." This is what I've longed for the most since before I had the surgery - I set that as something I wanted to do -- a goal. Unfortunately, I planned to do it with a dear friend and attached it to them. And while that has fallen through, I still owe it to myself to go have a ball. I don't know what park I want to go to -- this is a big thing for me so I'm willing to splurge and go anywhere in the US. Any suggestions? Any of my blog readers want to join me?

Anyway, it was weird talking to her -- and especially weird when I see myself as being in a bad place -- but that I'm really not. I've come so far. And my life doesn't suck anymore. Interesting.

We'll see if I hear from her again. I told her I was never in Bham (the truth) so she'd have to come to Huntsville -- she immediatly replied "how about next weekend!?" So I guess we'll see?


Anonymous Leah said...

I vote for 6 flags anywhere. Lots of really fun, scary rollercoasters. When I was in the Netherlands and the people in my program found out I'd never been on a rollercoaster, that's where they took me.

One piece of advice: go at some strange time of year, like in the early spring. When I went, it was March, and the longest line we had to wait in was perhaps 10 minutes. I went on every single rollercoaster in the park (8 of them), and I went on several of them more than once. It was sweet.

12:03 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Was that spam? I'm confused. You Wrote 3 sentences that don't really say or add anything. And there's a link. Has to be spam. Correct me if I'm wrong.

2:07 AM  

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