I <3 Publix

For the non-southern among you, Publix is a grocery store. When I lived on the UAH campus, I had to grocery shop at Walmart or Target because there weren't any grocery stores near campus. Now that I've moved over here though, I've got lots of grocery stores to choose from. Early on, I started hitting up Publix. I've been told Publix is more expensive than other stores -- and I guess that might be true -- because it a much more up-scale grocery store -- but they also have tons of awesome specials and BOGOs (Buy one get ones) every week. So I think it's not that much more -- but even if someone proved to me that it was more expensive, I'd still shop there.

First, the staff are always super helpful and in a great mood -- even the cashiers! Every time I go in there I end up having a conversation with at least one employee -- if not 2 or 3. I asked one of the cashiers about it and she said she really does love working there because the management is awesome. And from what I've seen, she had to be telling the truth. I've already mentioned their great specials and sales.

They also have great quality food. I will not buy meat anywhere else now. Even if I were to do my bulk shopping at another store, I'd make a special trip to Publix to get my meat. You can really taste and see the difference. It cooks up gorgeously -- seriously, and I'm not a cook or a conissure but even I can tell the difference. And they have a full on butcher. Today I saw a woman asking for some steaks cut special and he pulled out a whole new -- whatever you call half a cow ;) I heard her say how he didn't have to get out a whole new thing just for her! But he was so awesome he was like -- no no no don't worry about it -- it's not trouble! All their employees are like this. And they always have samples -- even today on a Wednesday they had samples. They sample different dinner options and meats and spices and I've ended up purchasing and making lots of new dishes as a result of this. They teach you how to cook it and everything. I've literally gone in there and said ok i want to have some kind of pork but I don't really know how to cook pork -- I'm looking for something I can do on the stove thats not got a ton of fat -- And they'll totally help you out. And they'll change the package sizes of anything you want! Want a quarter lb of beef? They'll package that for you.

The fruit guy is also awesome. Publix has some of the best fresh pineapple I've ever had (they also make great pre-cut salads with things like olives that my mom loves. On another note -- shes crazy for their bakery's multigrain bread -- so is my brother). The other day I walked past when he was cutting watermelon and it smelled so wonderful -- I started talking to him and he gave me some to taste and that sealed it -- I just had to get some. But I love pineapple and their pineapple is so expensive -- and their fruit mixes never have much pineapple but have tons of crap I don't want. I was talking to him about this and he was telling me how he was going to go to the manager and suggest different varieties to package and he was very interested in what I, as a customer, would purchase. This man cuts fruit at the grocery store -- and he takes his job very seriously. He made me a special mix of sliced watermelon and pineapple right there and gave me a great price on it. And today I went in and asked him if he could sell me a smaller amount of pineapple than what they had out -- I'm just me and I don't eat that much. He did -- and he was super happy to do it for me. Like really, he wasn't bothered in the slightest -- he cut me up some pineapple and made a bowl just for me -- with just like 4 cubes in it LOL -- we ended up talking for like half-an-hour. I love the fruit guy.

And their store brand products are awesome. The Publix frozen pizza is better than Digiornos or Freschetta or anything else. I love this grocery store! Hell, I'll gladly pay more to shop there -- they're so happy to accommodate you in any way they can -- even me a young college chick who doesn't even buy a ton of groceries. They're helpful and they have great quality. If you have a Publix in your area-- I highly recommend them -- 5 stars! I'm totally gonna call their manager and praise them.

Oh and what a coincidence, I was talking about this to my mom who informs me that my brother has also become hooked on Publix now that they live near one. LOL. I love my brother -- we are so much alike, it's freaky.


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My mother in law shops there and introduced me to it. I had heard the same, too expensive. I had never heard of a deli where you could sample the food before you bought it! AND if you only want 4 or 5 slices of meat, that's all you have to get, not 1/2 or whole pound! And I love all the fresh baked goods, always go by and get a loaf of fresh sourdough bread! YUM!

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