Hire the Cracker Barrel people.

I drive past a Cracker Barrel on my way home everyday. Well, it's a Cracker Barrel now -- a month ago it was a structure and before that it was a parking lot with no hint of anything. They went from nothing at all to a full on restaurant in like 2 months. These contractors need to work everywhere! Man -- a building on UAH campus has been under construction for over a year -- hire the damn cracker barrel people and that thing will be ready for classes next month. Same for the bank thats been nothing but a metal frame for longer than the new restaurant has even been in construction.

It was nothing -- then one day it was a structure -- then one day it had an outside -- and patios -- and now there's a painted parking lot and handicapped parking spaces and brass handles on the door. THATS HOW YOU DO IT.

Hire the Cracker Barrel people -- they're totally on the ball here.


Anonymous Leah said...

Habitat for Humanity can basically build entire houses in just a few days. I think that's impressive too.

The key factor here is how many people the contractor is willing to hire and how much the thing will cost. I'm sure it cost more per square foot to build the cracker barrel, but it's worth it b/c of the monetary gain by getting the restaurant up faster. There's no monetary gain, per se, in the UAH building, so there's no incentive to spend a lot more money to build it faster.

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