Gregory Maguire’s Lost

I just finished this book (quite literally – 5 minutes ago). Steph loaned it to me along with another of his books since I find myself with so much time at work which could be allotted to reading if I so chose.

My impressions? Hmm. I’m not sure. Half the books sucked – and half of it didn’t. It begins with a story which, while interesting enough, suddenly climaxes in 1 page and is over. Then there’s tons of empty space of trying to develop a seemingly unconnected story up. The first 200 pages or so weren’t winning me over. In fact, had I not been sitting here at work, I might have given up. But after that – I found myself glued to it. I wanted to know what happened next – I wanted to know why the characters were doing what they did and I wanted to know what happened next. The last 120 or so pages were great.

But now I’m done and the books just done. It’s just done. With hardly any answers about the characters that remain. So was she hoping for John or Irv? And were John and Allegra together or not? WHAT HAPPENED WITH HER AND JOHN? It’s kinda infuriating. The book climaxed in a dramatic scene and then it’s over. Just over. Well, dammit – what happened after that? WHAT HAPPENED WITH HER AND JOHN?

This is going to bug me for a long time. And then I’ll drop it because I’ve no choice but to drop it. I don’t get to know. Do I recommend this book? I want you to read it and then tell me what you think happens with her and John – cause dammit, I wanna know.

Reading this book was like watching a movie on basic cable at 3am. The movie sucks and you’d never choose to watch it – but it’s this or QVC and you can’t sleep. And even though the movie isn’t all that great, you end up watching it and getting into it and then the cable cuts out and you don’t get to know how it ends.

It feels kinda like that. Like no it wasn’t that great but DAMMIT WHAT HAPPENED WITH HER AND JOHN?


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