Good News

I sold my first eBay item! The butterflies still didn't sell, nor did the plaid cross so my dream of my stained glass hobby supporting itself through eBay has been crushed. However I did make a small amount on the Antique glass cross. Not enough to pay for all the materials I used to make them all and list them, but still it's rewarding. I guess this means I get to keep the butterflies for myself ;)

I also scored my mom an AWESOME ticket to see Third Day. Isn't it unfair when your mother is going to see your favorite band in concert without you? Yeah -- unfair & weird. But I can't go because it's on a Thursday. Who knows why anyone would schedule a concert on a Thursday but whatever. Mom still wants to go so I bought the ticket for her as an apology for missing it myself. She really loves seeing them with me -- and she won't go with anyone else so shes going to go alone. I got her a center stage 3rd row aisle seat. We've had better seats -- when we were guests of the band ;) But I've never been able to purchase such a good seat for myself. I once stood in line outside of the venue 2 hours before the tickets went on sale and still only got 4th row!

So here's to the odd fact that I just purchased a great ticket for my mother to see my favorite band without me. Woo! Now if I could just convince Mark that he should give my mom a shoutout... ;)


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