Crank sucks: negative stars.

I saw Crank tonight with a friend. They wanted to see it -- and hey, I was just going to take a nap and have movie night with Jack. Turns out movie night with Jack would have been a better choice -- especially the nap part. Crank SUCKED. And not in the good way. It was way too lame for my taste. I was neither amused nor entertained. In fact, tapping my feet on the floor was a much more captivating pass of time. My friend liked it though -- and laughed during the movie -- so to each their own.

If you have a crush on the star (the guy from The Transporter & The Italian Job) you might want to see this one. He was running around bare-assed in a hospital gown for a good bit of it. Though for my money, The Transporter was a much better movie -- and you can't beat handsome Rob. This just.. well I wouldn't even waste the money to rent this -- hell, I wouldn't even put this in my Netflix queue. Skip it -- it might taint any scenes with handsome rob the next time you pop in The Italian Job. The movie was super lame -- SUPER lame -- so lame, in fact, that I can't even describe. It's pathetic. The effects were horrible and the way it's cut together is a nightmare. The whole thing was a big mess.

Why can't Mark Wahlberg run around bare-assed for half a movie? I'd put that in my queue.

The evening ended on a good note though -- I made pork stir-fry for dinner. It was awesome.


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