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I'm still on the quest for a lean cut of beef I can cook well in my apartment. I can cook in a crock-pot if I had one. And I've cooked a few different thick cuts wrapped in a foil bag with lots of liquid to duplicate the crock-pot effect. It comes out great. But I want something like a steak. The butcher gave me some small cuts and told me how to cook them on the stove -- but they didn't come out well. Too tough -- like a steak you'd get at Waffle House or something.

Tonight I'm giving one more stove try before I give up and buy a broiler pan and try that method. I saw a chef make it on Jay Leno last week -- skirt steak. It's really skinny and he cooked it in a skillet -- not because he didn't have another option, but because he's a chef and he chose to cook it that way. We'll see how it turns out.

Any recommendations? How about a george forman grill? Are those just a gimmick? How hard are they to clean? Rachel Ray has a grill thing in her kitchen -- what's that? I want a way to cook good lean meat. In this case: steak, but also chicken of course. Something GOOD, and reasonably easy to clean would be nice. I've got counter space.


Blogger Michael said...

I used to use a foreman grill in college, and I'm kind of thinking about buying one again. They're good for what they do, which is cook meats while keeping them from sitting in their own fat and juices.

With that said, if you buy leaner cuts of meat (ground sirloin) cooking them in a skillet isn't too bad. The burgers I cooked the other day had too much fat, the skillet was the wrong tool.

Cleaning the foremen grills is pretty easy - just wipe down with a paper towel when done. The one I had came with a tined tool of sorts that you could clean the bottom of the grill between the ridges, but it wasn't really necessary.

With all that said, they're kind of a gimmick, I'm sure there are better electric stoves out there. But they do work.

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