The claw question: answered.

So it's time to clip my cats claws. And we all know that this is right up there with baths as far as their preferences go. So I sneak the clippers in my pocket and pick him up. I sit in the floor with him and I have to wonder -- front or back first? Usually by the time I get the back, he's ready to kill me -- so maybe I should start at the back this time? Is there a cat claw clipping standard here? But I just went with the flow and did what I always do -- front claws first. Left front -- getting annoyed -- Right front -- now he's pissed. See and now we're at that point where hes wailing bloody murder and gnawing on my arm. So I grab his back paw and try to get this over with and he hisses. Oh, this is going down hill. Then -- he growls and slaps me! Hard.

And I was really happy I had already clipped the front claws.


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

Do one paw and give him a treat. Wait a few days and give him another treat. If you can try wrapping him in a towel with just the paw you want to work on sticking out so he at least can't claw the shit out of you. Try to make it positive but I know that can be hard to do with cats.. Really though not keeping at it until he's ready to kill you in your sleep will help.. just focus on one paw and a day or two later do the next.

2:45 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

So you're telling me to make clipping his nails a 4 day process? Dude. No.

And really, he's usaully fine for one paw -- aggitated for the second -- and having NONE of it when I get to the back.

But I'm getting better on my anger issues because I havn't squeezed him way too hard yet. Impressive, no?

3:05 AM  
Blogger Lemming Leader said...

Oh yes. I know the feeling. I have 14 animals who need regular claw clippings and with a couple of them they make a few cat scratches look like a walk in the park so a 4 day process means nothing to me. Would it be possible to do them as a 2 day process? Fronts then backs? It's so much easier when you can start working with them to accept it from the time they're little kittens..

1:26 AM  

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