Christmas vacation christmas vacation christmas vacation

(If you don't know how to sing the title -- then you don't know the greatest movie in the world)

Holidays are coming! I'll tell you what --if the stores were already stocking pumpkins, I'd be decorating for autumn/harvest & Halloween! I love pumpkins -- I'm going to buy lots of them for my apartment the second they hit the stores -- big ones and little ones. I'll just buy like 1 every time I go to the store so I keep up in fresh ones and so I don't have to haul them all up the stairs at once. October is my favorite month, you know -- and Fall/Autumn/Havest is my absolute favorite season!

And as soon as November hits, I'll be justified in putting up my Christmas tree! And I've got a great idea. Putting up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day has always been a tradition in my family. There's the nightmare of untangling the lights and fluffing the tree branches -- then hanging the lights -- then tucking the lights which is always a huge drama. Then hanging ornaments which would normally be fun except that everyones always in a bad mood by then. But the ornaments is the special part.

The Christmas ornaments are widely varied -- all colorful -- some bought -- some made -- some older than myself. Lots of the ornaments are running jokes in my family -- a joke that gets to be relived for a month out of the year -- year after year after year. Actually -- there's a lot of those. Putting up the tree is always a riot in a way. There's C's ornament she made in school with a picture of her head -- lord I'm laughing thinking of it. There's my toilet paper angel -- and lord help -- the satanic reindeer. Then there are the others -- lots of them gifts -- and almost all of them have some memory attached. There isn't a single ornament in the box that we can't remember where it came from, when we got it, and what the story is. And we relive these moments and stories every year -- I've done it for 23 years now.

So ornaments are special to me. They're not something you can just run out to the store and buy. The most gorgeous designer tree could never compare to a tree filled with love and memories on every branch. And now that I've got my own place... my own tree -- It's time to start building my collection or ornaments. The box I'll pull out year after year -- the ornaments that will hang on my tree 20 years from now which will bring back memories that I'll recall with my children & family & friends. The ornaments that I can't just go out to the store and buy -- it doesn't work that way. So -- that's where my plan comes in.

I'm a November baby -- so here's the idea: For my birthday, I'm asking everyone to give me an ornament for my tree. It doesn't have to be expensive -- it doesn't even have to be from a store. And I'll make a set of ornaments -- one for each person in my family -- and these will be the beginnings of my collection. I want to be able to pick up an ornament 30 years from now and tell my kids that their Aunt C gave me this ornament the very first year I lived in my own apartment -- when I was in college and worked at the police department -- and lived in the apartment where my balcony was right next to the gas-station and down the street from the gay-nightclub.

And you can help too! I'm asking everyone -- anyone who wants to help me out with my collection. Stephs gonna give me one! And if any of you want to -- you can too! And that way it can be the ornament that a friend in ____ sent me. It can be bought or made -- traditional or not. And if you can, I'd like it to be signed with the year. Who knows -- maybe yall will be in a shop and see a cute little Beetle ornament and send it my way :) Drop me an email if you want to live on my Christmas tree for years to come. I'd much appreciate it.


Blogger Sean Carter said...

I have always liked the holiday season . It allows be solititude and it helps me to calm my nerves down . Halloween onwards the red greens and whites starts to hit American landscape . I have always liked thanksgiving more since I felt it was less commercial than Christmas and halloween . However without a doubt its the shopping and the christmas Trees which attract me more than anything else . I just have a blog on Thanksgiving thanksgiving .. and let me know how you like it . I also have one on Christmas christmas

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