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I stayed up all night writing a computer program. Literally, I didn't even think about going to bed until 7AM. I got it pretty much done -- there was 1 quirk and I didn't implement one of the 7 required -- but whatever, I did it -- on time no less. So I go to class and try to turn it in -- and find out it's not due till Thursday. Dammit. I stayed up past sunrise for this thing. Oh well -- feels good to have it done.

I've got a test on Friday and have no earthly idea how on earth I'll pass. Pray for me.

Oh and Third Day's new Christmas CD is available for Pre-Order now. I'm not going to pre order it -- I figure I'll just buy it when it shows up in stores. They have some combo deals available with a shirt and the CD -- which I would SO BUY -- except that it has the last CD with it. We all already own the last CD so I'm not going to buy it again. They also have a christmas ornament. I think I'm gonna buy one for me and one for my mom - of course after shipping, that will be over 20 bucks and that hurts -- so I'll have to think about it... real hard. But I'm definitely getting the CD when it comes out. And I'm going to listen to it while I put up my tree! And it's going to AWESOME.

How cute is Mac in his scarf? Mark -- you should have snagged a scarf too!


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