I've got to work this weekend but then Monday I'm off to the beach! Jacks staying in Birmingham or Tennessee -- I guess Birmingham since I haven't heard from Steph. (call me) I don't want to leave Sunday night because I'm usually all sleepy after work and want an afternoon nap. I thought about leaving when I wake up but then I'd be driving all through the night and I've got to pick up my sister too -- shes riding with me (I'm gonna pop a klonopin to try and ease some of that out. Been saving it for a special occasion such as this). There's no way she'd be ready to go at 3AM (or technically ANY hour of the day, but at least let me pick a reasonable one so I can argue about it anyway). So I think I'll leave at 5am -- hit Birmingham by 7 and get her, drop off Jack, run by dads, then off to Florida. Hopefully I'll get to Panama City around 1 - 2 so I can still enjoy the day :)

Don't even kid yourselves and think I'm going a week without internet. HA. Hell, I'm taking my camera, so I'll probably post more. But just so you can visualize where I am, I have drawn up this adorable little map:

Isn't that cute? See the little blue beetle? That's me! See how much I love my 3 blog readers? *group hug*


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