New hair anxiety
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Today i got a new haircut. I told James to just do whatever he wanted as long as it wasn't short. He did exactly what I had in mind, actually -- but it's horrible! He layered it -- tons of layer -- its soooo short on top that I had troll hair when I got home. It's got the shape it should have. But...

This cut highlights my biggest flaw -- thin hair. My hair is onion paper thin as it is -- plus I lost some from having the surgery and malnutrition... and well -- this cut aint helping!

I've posted only the best 4 photos on the web here -- not the ones that scream "KAREN HAS A MULLET" -- and certianly not the ones I took from an angle where the light went straight to my scalp and look like I have a HUGE bald spot. Ugh I wanted to CRY when I uploaded all the pics I took -- some of them were horrid. I have like no hair -- and it shows so bad!

And I can't tell if it's an awesome cut, if I have a mullet, or if I look like Frodo.

I'm going to go sob... and think about the hats I shall buy.

(Oh, click on the picture of me in the hoodie (hiding) to go to my photo stream where I've posted 4 pictures. Just click next.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do not have a mullet!! Relax it will be okay. I have had plenty of experiences with bad haircuts and at least they grow out. But, I don't think it looks bad and I love all of your curls! I've been meaning to leave you a comment about how awesome you look but I always end up lurking around...valerie in huntsville

9:07 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I think I've decided that it's a mullet. I couldn't even leave the house today without pulling it back in a ponytail. It doesn't look too bad in a ponytail -- so I think I'll just have to have pulled-back hair for a month or two. Pulling back my hair is better than getting it cut dyke-short again LOL. I need in-person opinions -- pictures are no good.

But THANK YOU for the compliments!

Valerie eh? Have we met? I've been wondering who the lurker from Huntsville was -- I thought it might have been someone from work or something! Glad to hear it's not ;)

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a beautiful woman, and while I think that haircut probably does not agree with you, it's not that bad!! I'm a stranger, so I have no reason to tell you that you look good when you don't. And you still look good. :) It does NOT look like a mullet. Hair grows, so at least you are not stuck with this haircut for very long.

2:31 PM  

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