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So I did the beauty day relax thing -- sleep long and well -- woke up nice and refreshed (that sleep apnea must have phases). I did a lovely green avocado (painful) face mask. Followed that up with hair treatments and a lovely soapy shower.

Now I'm going to toss all that aside and go swim in the pool that is way over chlorinated and probably unsafe (the filter hasn't been on in weeks from what I've seen -- at least the waterfall hasn't been on and I'm pretty sure thats part of the filtration system).

Who cares -- its 95 fucking degrees and sooo humid.

I'm celebrating being done with all but one class for this semester (still 3 or 4 more semesters to go LOL). Of course the class I'm worried about won't be over till Friday (Algorithms). But I nailed a A after my final yesterday in Java. Speaking of, here's a hint for future CS majors: Don't wait until the day it's due to write your first GUI in a new language. It doesn't matter if you know exactly how to do it and think it'll take an hour -- I mean you already wrote the hard part of the program! Wrong. Let me tell you about my Java final:

The hard part of the program had been written -- that was already due. All we had to do to finish it up is give it a GUI. (Graphical user interface for those who might actually not know -- which I feel like I'm implying you're stupid by pointing that out -- but then CS majors love their TLAs (three-letter-acronyms) so pretty much everything is three letters and I forget which ones are common knowledge and which aren't). So I got to the lab because I don't have the proper software on my own computer and pull out my disc of the program we already did. This program will just need top be tweaked to create the final program -- right -- simple. No.

It took me an hour and a half to get the program that was already written and had run fine last weekk to work. I was furious. The people who run the labs have them set up so stupid. And I got the lab supervisors who everyone always says can help to help -- they didn't know anything. He didn't know a single thing about java. So I was like -- well who can fix this? They PAY YOU to be able to fix this. So he had to call in another lab tech -- who took half an hour to get there and still couldn't fix it. Again, this is a program that is already complete and running -- it worked FINE a few days ago on these exact same computers. So literally it was 2 hours before I could even begin trying to get the GUI and action-listeners to work. Which of course wasn't nearly as easy as I thought it would be. And in the end I couldn't get it to repaint the window and I just turned it in anyway. But I still made an A for the class! Woo! I GOT AN A!

I was going to go to the pool, wasn't I?


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