I just deposited a hefty check into my savings account (remember, that's college student "hefty" not career "hefty"). I haven't been this financially solid... ever. My rent and bills are paid well through my lease here in this apartment. I've got a good job and a great place to live. And come spring semester, I'll get another "hefty" check to add to what will be left of this one. It just feels nice.

I know they say not to borrow more than you need, but I am anyway -- I'm putting it in savings. I've never had a savings -- I'm usually worried about where rent will come from because my loans don't usually cover it. But now that I'm an independent -- they'll give me plenty :) Also, I won't be getting loans for summer, so I need to save for that. But also, I've got to start considering what the fuck I'm going to do in a year when I have a degree. While I'm way too scared to even THINK about it -- I know it's going to cost money, no matter what it is. So I'm just trying to build up savings so I won't have an anxiety attack (though it's never ONE anxiety attack -- it's usually many).

My lord it feels good. I'm doing well in school. I've got plenty of money for tuition, rent, and even a few bills. I've got a great job & my cat. I absolutely LOVE where I live. My god, there are NO roommates -- not good roommates -- NO roommates. It's heavenly. And, AND -- I get to drive a fucking luxury turbo Beetle everywhere I go. I can just go sit in it if I want, and I have.

*claps* Things are going so well!


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Blogger mama geekhead said...

I am SOOO glad someone is saving money! I was raised "old-fashioned" and MADE to save. Now I am so glad they taught me that way. I have family members begging us for help, now, because they KNOW we have saved, doesnt matter we told THEM to save, and they didnt. YAY for you!

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