Semester Eve

Fall semester starts tomorrow. *eek* The good news is that my fin aid is already through and I have more than enough to beef up my savings and cover all my bills & rent for the semester -- PRAISE GOD! WOO! Of course I'm only using that money for rent and preferably only a few bills -- so I'm still not rolling in the dough here. Blech. But -- I'll graduate soon! YAY! PRAISE GOD AGAIN! AND I LOST 120lbs! YAY! WOO!

Surprisingly, I'm still super nervous. This semester is going to be my most difficult yet and it doesn't look like I'm going to be getting a single day off until around my Birthday -- which I've already requested off @ work (not that it has any chance as being 10% as good as my last birthday, thanks to a friend :) -- but here's hoping). I know I'm getting sheets for my birthday though. I'm excited about that. I never realized the difference between cheap sheets and nice sheets until I slept on my moms bed which has 600 thread count egyptian cotton sheets. Oh. My. God. I've been missing out. Though I can't bring myself to pay 70 dollars for a set of sheets -- so mom says she'll get me some for my birthday! Nice sheets! And for christmas I get an entertainment center for my apartment!

Jack's still a little sweetheart devil. The beetle is still my dream car. I FUCKING LOVE MY APARTMENT. And, I did great last semester. Things are going well. Let me repeat that to myself: Things are going REALLY well, Karen -- no need to stress out.

Since last nights movie night was ruined and I still have a new netflix, I'm having movie night tonight. I'm just wasting time until dinner is ready. I'm having steak & roasted red potatoes with fake sweet-tea to drink and watching the Shipping News. It's got Kevin Spacey in it. *Swoon*


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