More eBay Stained Glass

I just posted 2 stained glass crosses on eBay. The set of butterflies didn't sell but I've reposted them. I guess it's a good thing I decided to test eBay before I committed to buying the supplies and moving my tools up here to Huntsville. If I can't sell my work, then it can't pay for itself as a hobby. eBay seems to be saturated with hundreds of stained glass pieces.

Anyway, I wanted to post pictures of these latest crosses:

The first cross is made from salvaged antique glass. It's from a church window down in Birmingham. I made a few of these (to sell on eBay) but I've kept about as many as I've kept to sell! I had to keep one for myself -- how could I pass it up! It's a great conversation piece -- gorgeous -- and really has a history. Mom wanted one too, and she's giving another as a housewarming gift for one of her real estate clients. I still have 5 to sell though, this is the first. (see a better picture on my flicker *here* -- or check out the eBay auction *here*)

The second picture is one of my faves! It's not painted glass -- its actually squares of fused glass. Little bitty stained glass rods are aligned to make the "plaid" pattern and then they're fused (melted) together. I used a solid 100% copper border to edge each square and then spot-soldered the corners. I left the solder silver because I just loved the contrast. This one is a cutie! If I had a good spot for it, I'd keep it for myself. (see a better picture on my flicker *here* -- or check out the eBay auction *here* The ebay auction has another picture where you can see the copper border too)


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