Karens Creations?

I've had such a positive response to the stained glass I've been doing these past few days that I've decided to sell some. I'd love to pick it up if it could support it's own cost -- but at the moment it doesn't. I need lots of space to do it and lots of supplies -- expensive supplies. I'd also have to haul it all up to my little apartment and find some place where I could actually do it. So this would require lots of effort, probably a little stress, and an initial investment for the supplies. My sister has offered to loan me a bit to get me started because she thinks I could make a killing eBaying this stuff. But before I commit, I'm going to test the waters.

I've been working all day to produce some pieces. I've got more dragonflies, some gorgeous butterflies, and a couple of crosses made from a broken church window (isn't that AWESOME -- you can have a cross made from a real church window that has stood over thousands of church services and seen countless people blessed in unimaginable ways -- YOU CAN HANG IT IN YOUR HOUSE). I'm going to take all this home with me tomorrow, take great pictures and set up an eBay store. If this works out (it might be a total flop -- in which case lots of people will be getting stained glass presents), then I'll invest and put forth the effort to get a little hobby side-business going. I'd love to do it -- I enjoy the work. But I have to know that it will be worth it and pay for itself.

So wish me luck!

Oh, and thanks to M who is buying the original grey dragonfly -- You'll love it, I promise. It's kinda sad to see it go -- I was thinking of keeping it for myself ;)


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