Jack blends easily into his natural environment

Don't you love those white-text-on-black label-maker labels? Yes, you do -- everyone loves them. Well look at Jacks collar -- it's just like I slapped a label on the little shit! Isn't that the cutest thing ever? Yes, it is. It's got his name and my cell phone number in case he gets lost. His old collar was a thin leather one which was rubbing off his hair on his collar line. I had to get a new one anyway -- why not get a special embroidered one? I mean I'm already crazy cat lady and every scoffs at the amount of toys I buy him -- why NOT special order a collar? Exactly.

I'm posting this to show Steph. Steph might watch him for me while I'm in Florida. You'd think that with as antisocial as I seem to be, I wouldn't be able to find anyone to watch such a misbehaved little cat, but you'd be wrong. I've got three offers to watch him -- everyone loves Jack. I feel so bad about leaving him -- I don't want him to think I'm abandoning him -- plus I really don't want him to get pissed at me and pee on my bed as revenge. Some cats do that, you know. I can leave him at moms in Birmingham where one of moms friends will watch him and the other pets (she moved into my old bedroom at moms -- long story. Mom was very distraught about actually allowing someone to live in my room -- I mean I'm her baby, that's MY room. I had to tell her that I would be angry if she used that as an excuse -- and I had to promise her repeatedly that not having a room wouldn't keep me from visiting -- I can sleep on the couch.) This would be good because Birmingham is on the way -- plus Jacks stayed at moms house lots so it's not a new place. And Jack loves moms dog Bonnie.

"He'll be fine -- he'll have Bonnie and Mena to play with."
"Mena doesn't play with Jack -- she hates him."
"But that doesn't mean Jack doesn't play with her."
"She hisses at him."
"He stalks her, pounces at her, and keeps right on running -- he loves it."

Another plus about this is that after Florida, I'll be spending a few days in Birmingham (on the couch). So Jack would be there and I'd be there -- that's good. My neighbor has also offered to watch him. I'm not going to do that though because then he'd be here by himself all day and she'd just stop in to feed him. Jack HATES being by himself. The third option is Steph. I jokingly told her that she could watch him for me while I was on vacation. Surprisingly, she loved the idea. She's even willing to drive down here and pick him up -- and then do it again to drop him off. While mom's house seems like a better option, Steph would give Jack lots of attention and play time. She also knows already that Jack likes to do things like stalk you and randomly bite your ass when you walk around a corner. He doesn't mean anything BAD by it...

I'll have to think about it. I never would have though Steph liked him enough to WANT to watch him. Hey wait, dude, you won't come down here for me and mexican food but you'll come down twice if you get to steal my cat? That's so wrong.

Anyway -- good excuse to post another picture of the cat:


Anonymous steph said...

ill take jack anytime :)

11:51 PM  

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