I hate banks. A lot.

Why do I always have trouble with banks? I switched banks because my last banks gave me trouble and now wachovia is fucking me over too. Bastards! Here's the deal -- see if you can make sense of it:

Thursday I deposited a lovely large paycheck into my account. I did this shortly after 2pm which is after the same day cutoff time. So it won't be credited until Friday. This sucks a lot because I couldn't purchase anything Thursday night with my money -- but hey, at least it was spelled out and I knew. Cut to Friday -- K moneys in my account now -- recipt says it will be effective on the 18th and today is the 18th -- right? Let's spend that money! I did a lot of bill paying and running around today. That ran down the account balance that was already in there pretty quick -- but that's ok because I have hundreds of dollars in the bank. I can purchase a 8-dollar table cloth. Right? Wrong.

After a few stores, my card was declined. Now, I know this is an error -- but it's still incredibly embarrassing. I go home to check my account and see what the fuck is up. Apparently, I've been over drafting all day. Now, I have overdraft prtection on this account -- so that money came out of my savings account. The problem is that that's my savings and IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE 300 FUCKING DOLLARS I DEPOSITED YESTERDAY. So I called them up just now. It's 11PM Friday night. My paycheck should have credited for Friday right? Noooooooo -- they don't credit them till after midnight for that day. So basically, because I was 15 minutes after the cuttoff on Thursday, my check won't credit for -- not a day like they say -- not the next day like they say AND IS PRINTED ON THE TRANSACTION RECIPT I HAVE IN MY HAND -- but will not be credited until somewhere between 34 and 41 hours later. NEXT DAY MY ASS. Last I recalled, Saturday is not the day after Thursday. I've bounced 4 transactions today. Real good thing I didn't make it to the power company to pay the powerbill!

I'm pissed. They have hundreds of dollars of my money in that bank and I can't spend a cent and my credit card is getting denied.


"Deposit Date: 8/17 Deposit effective date: 8/18" Yet here I sit 8/18 11PM and the deposit still isn't effective -- and it's not going to be effective until between midnight and 7am -- that would be 8/19.

Someone is getting yelled at Monday morning and all that money is getting shifted right back into my savings with my written complaint on record. I'm fucking pissed.


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