For all my encouragers

This goes out to all my cheerleaders -- mostly tel & leah LOL. You're totally right. I don't have to settle for 210lbs which is nowhere near my original goal. I didn't risk my life and take on the responsibility of this surgery for the rest of my life to settle for 210lbs. I'm setting a new short term goal: I'm going to get under 200lbs. 199. Thats only 10lbs away. I'm to the point now where I'm gonna have to work for it -- and I can do that. I've lost over a hundred -- I can lose another 10 fucking pounds.

Tonight I worked my poor little butt out. I put on a pair of shorts I stole from my sister (I'm her size now -- weird) & a corset to keep my weird jelly tummy thing from hurting when I jump around and I worked out for 35 minutes. Instead of jogging, I went old-school PE style and did push-ups (I can do 10 proper girly ones -- everyones gotta start somewhere), sit-ups (20 proper), jumping jacks (while swinging a cat toy in the air for Jack) and other such things.

Can I point out one thing -- my lord, whatever muscles allowed me to do the crab-walk in elementary school are dead. I can't believe we used to have to do RACES like this. Have you done the crab walk lately? Try doing it fast. Damn. Oh, and I weight lifted Jack. He didn't mind.

I'm so gonna get below 200.

So to all my cheerleaders -- keep treading the very fine line between encouraging and nagging ;) Cause yall are really encouraging.

Oh, and I'm not gonna make this weightloss blog, don't worry. I hope it hasn't become a weightloss blog. At least I post about my cat and psych meds too. ;)

Gold star & a cold shower for me!


Anonymous Leah said...

w00t! If you lived nearby, we could be exercise buddies, b/c I totally have to start exercising more too.

Proud of you. Keep it up. Girl, you do NOT have to settle. (wow, that is nothing I ever thought would ever come out of my mouth)

12:38 AM  
Blogger mama geekhead said...

I was 130 pounds when I got married. Then in 2001 when we had a baby, I was 180. I lost 20 pounds, but then on BC pills and, like you, anti-anxiety, etc, gained back to 180 again. My husband is sickened by the weight gain, but I have a handsome little boy, so it was worth it. I am soooo proud of you, never give up. I know you can meet your goal and be under 200.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

"My husband is sickened by the weight gain"

This^ Makes me sad. No one deserves that. Tell hubby to grow a watermelon in his stomach and then push it out his dick and THEN complain :)

10:37 PM  
Blogger mama geekhead said...

Amen, sister, already said it. I honestly think he's sickened by Paris Hilton, too, though, and probably sickened by his own gut he's grown! I was fore-warned by his family, though. His mom and sister have the same metabolism as me, and we ALL LOVE junk food!

6:09 PM  

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