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  • Tonight I made the cutest tiny dragonfly for Tracy. It's so cute, in fact, that I want it for myself. I'd make myself one, but this was the last tiny body I had :( It would make an adorable necklace. She's going to use it for a fan pull. I wanted to make a nice stylish cross for myself -- and one for mom, but I can't seem to cut a nice thin straight piece of glass. I need breaker pliers and mine are messed up.

  • I will be going home with new artwork though. At the outlet mall, I picked up the cutest framed picture for the kitchen -- it's just a picture of a toaster and it says "toast." The framing is simply gorgeous and it's so adorable! Original price: 30 bucks -- I got it for 8! I'm taking the monkey home too. It's this ancient ugly as hell indian artwork from WW1 -- great art -- museum quality. It's coming home with me to hang in my new place! I'll post pictures so you can see what I'm talking about when I get back home.

  • On another positive note: Tracy, a friend of the family (who is renting my old room at moms) didn't even recognize me when I came home. Isn't that cool! I worked with her for years in daycare, so she knows what I look like -- she just hasn't seen me since I dropped all the weight.

  • And Jacks not mad at me in the least -- he still just purrs like crazy when I pet him. What a sweety!

  • Oh and I tried the McDonalds new chicken snack wrap. YUM. It was excellent. Though they're quite small -- just one chicken finger wrapped up. So if you want it for a meal, get two. It was so good that I made chicken wraps for dinner tonight. Crispy chicken fingers, fat free cheese & fat free ranch with some shredded lettuce. Thanks for the inspiration, Ronald.

  • Speaking of chicken -- what the fuck is with chicken fingers? You can't get quality chicken fingers in the store anymore. I drove further out into trussville to go to Winn-Dixie in hopes that they'd have decent chicken (I already know Target & Walmart don't). They didn't. No one has extra crispy chicken fingers anymore -- and I don't want chicken that's been artificially shaped either. And I want all white meat -- not shit with rib meat mixed in. You know who used to have the BEST chicken fingers? South-Eastern Meats. They were all white and SO crispy. Milo's is the only place you can get that kinda finger anymore. It's sad when McDonalds has better chicken fingers than can be bought in the store.

  • One more thing: my lips are totally fried from the beach. It's killing me. I slathered in sweat-proof water-proof sports 45 SPF sunscreen repeatedly all over and had a special 30 SPF face stick which prevented me from getting even a hint of burn anywhere on my face (I highly recommend it) -- but totally spaced and didn't even think to protect my lips. Ugh.

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