Bits & Pieces: Saturday Edition

  • The search for wall sconces is over. I never thought I'd have so much trouble finding a fucking wall sconce -- didn't they used to be the biggest thing? Everyone has wall sconces! Well, not me. I've been to Ross, Marshals, TJ Maxx, Steinmart, Target, Walmart, Kirklands, Freds (hey, they do have some really cute decorating stuff in there -- don't knock it before you try it), Pier One, and three different Thrift Stores. Nothing. I did find a few sconces at Kirklands but they were all HUGE (the only medium sized pair was super ugly). I want some nice Spanish-vibe wrought-iron wall sconces for candles. You'd think that would be super easy to find. Wrong.

    And I was thinking of ordering some prints from iPhoto -- just some shots of family. But where the hell would I put them? I've got nowhere to put them or hang them -- not to mention no frames. Is it weird that I don't have any family pics around? Maybe when I get a entertainment center/console/buffet I'll have space for some photos. I don't want to have too much "stuff" around -- you know?

  • Jack's been enjoying (or not?) some catnip. When I first got him, I bought him some catnip but he didn't respond to it at all. Come to find out that cats don't respond to cat nip until they are sexually mature (and even then, some don't). Well, I figured out that Jack responds now.

    I had taken the bag of it home to my mom for her to give her cat. Mena never cared for it either and the bags just been floating around since then. Well, Jack found it -- or it found Jack. It makes him CRAZY. Not funny crazy, but like -- dude -- I can't tell if he likes it or if this is being mean. He just plays with the ziplock baggy of catnip -- no need for expensive toys. Then he goes crazy -- kinda like when you bounce a super bouncy ball as hard as you can in the kitchen and watch it ricochet of all manner of things causing havoc. And he even gets this weird look in his eyes. I thought he was normally hyper, man watch out when he gets that shit. It's scary. I think it's like how people are when they are drunk. Some people are happy drunk -- some people are pissy drunk -- some people are paranoid crazy drunk. I think Jack falls into the latter category.

  • I posted my first eBay auction today (*linky linky*). Now I'm afraid it won't sell -- I think I priced it too high (though I went lower than what most suggested). I'm worried now.

  • Today was move-in day on campus. This means Freshman. THAT means Freshmans parents. I was warned that it would happen -- but I didn't believe it. It happened. I never thought anyone would do such a thing -- ever. What -- you ask? One of the parents, about to leave their child for the first time, decided they need to test the fire alarm and see how fast the response was. They got a lot more than they bargained for.

    Pulling an alarm for no reason is illegal -- it's illegal for a reason. Immediately after the pull -- the huge 7-story residence hall was filled with painfully loud alarms. I've never heard such loud alarms in my life as the alarms I heard when I live there. This triggers immediate evacuation and me dispatching all our officers. Being that this was move-in day & also the day that American Idol was having try-outs on campus, we had a lot of officers. 5 cars responded immediately -- lights blaring. This was followed by 2 -- TWO -- fire trucks. Then they have to search the building to make sure everyone was out and nothing was on fire. This means all the new Freshman... and their parents had to stand outside -- in the 100 degree alabama heat. ALL BECAUSE SOME FUCKING IDIOT WANTS TO TEST THE SYSTEM.

    From my description, do you have any comprehension of how many resources something this stupid takes? How much money it costs the city? All the paper work? All the officers and firemen who have to WASTE their time? You should have heard the radio traffic -- everyone talking at once. A nightmare -- on the worst possible day for it to happen. Against my hopes, they didn't arrest the stupid fucker -- but they did make him stand there in the middle of the CCRH lobby -- in the middle of the blaring alarms and watch all the commotion and see just exactly what he just did. Needless to say the man was mortified and very apologetic. Fucking moron. They should have arrested him.

    I'm told that this has happened for every one of the past three years. In fact, before it happened -- one of the officers mentioned specifically telling the RAs to warn against it. I honestly didn't think anyone could be that ignorant and selfish. I mean we're legally required to respond full on wether we know its false or not. IDIOT.

  • Other things that happened today: The North 2 elevator alarm button was repeatedly pressed all day long. By "accident." Uhuh. The last time they wouldn't even respond to my inquiries so I had to send an officer over to check it out -- even though I could HEAR them in the elevator ignoring me.

    Also, there was a soccer game and a soccer mom passed out from heat exhaustion. It was super hot today.

    Oh, and the huge flake at work totally quit. I CALLED IT! *I bow* I can spot a flake from a mile away. It's nice of him to quit after he was trained for 3 weeks and to quit right when the trainer is about to burst with a baby so it's impossible for her to train a replacment before the baby comes. Oh and right after they paid 400 to get him certified. What a fucker. I hope I see him again just so I can point out how immature he is. He's very immature and this was his first job. He thinks he can find something better. HA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hey, take it from the chick whos had a million jobs -- you're not going to find a job that pays this much, first of all (especially not when you don't have two good arms. It's just logistics -- most jobs require a lot of stocking -- he can't stock). And dude - I don't think a more cushy job exists. This job is super easy -- its fucking perfect -- its regular hours and good pay -- and a great job -- we're police dispatchers for gods sake -- thats cool. Yeah -- he's gonna find something better. HAHAHAHAHA.

  • New semester. Time to get my hair done...

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