I'm still at the beach. Going back to Birmingham tomorrow (dear lord please don't let Jack be mad at me. I didn't want to have to leave him in Birmingham. He's my friend. I hope he gets over his anger quickly. Cats get angry) then Huntsville on Wednesday.

I've got lots of pictures to post but I'm on a dial-up that won't connect at higher than 26k for some gawd-aweful reason. So You'll have to wait until this weekend or next week to see my family and me at the beach -- I know you're waiting with baited breath so I apologize. To hold you over, here's a drip-castle I built on the beach:

Isn't it pretty?

Highlight of the week: The outlet malls. I hit the Gap outlet up for 120 bucks. 2 pairs of gorgeous super stylish tailored pants -- LOVE them. Three tops & a crochet duster. I went into the dressing room with my arms full of stuff -- all 18 & XL (this is the first year I've been able to get pants at the gap). It was honestly the best shopping experience of my life. Everything I tried on fit and fit well. I wanted it all. Sadly, I couldn't afford it all. But it's great to have some nice quality clothes that fit! I'm gonna look great!

Oh and I got my grades back for the semester! I did GREAT! Best semester I've had in 2 years! GO ME!


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