Bad Cat

Today Jack tried to wake me up by bringing me toys and pouncing on me continuously while playing with them. When that didn't work, he bit me on the back of the knee. Yes, it hurt.

Then when I finally get up, he's so excited that hes purring and running around and attacking everything... and he breaks one of the butterflies I had up on eBay. Well, he didn't total it -- it's just got a slight hairline crack in the wing. Still, can't sell it on eBay now. So, if anyone is interested -- the set of three butterflies is now a set of two butterflies -- and I discounted the price. SALE!

Did I mention the "present" he brought me the other morning? He brought me a bug. Only I was asleep... so he dropped it on my face.

I get the feeling Jack misses me when I go to bed.


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