You know, now that I live alone I can listen to the radio as loud as I want. Well, really I respect other peoples rights too much to really go too loud (neighbors). But I just realized... The neighbor on the right moved out yesterday and the one on the left is in California.

Oh this means I can bust the speakers. Awesome.

*Over an hour later* Man, sometimes late at night I just start listening to music and I find it so hard to stop. I just scroll through my library and remember the feelings. I always seems to associate music with particular times in life -- instances -- occurrences. I can remember being there... and this song was playing. I remember everything -- I remember what I was thinking, what I was doing, where I was going, exactly how I was feeling -- I remember the smell -- the crisp air... And I could listen for hours.

Nickleback - How You remind me -- driving to Jeff state, turning at the red light past the dairy queen about to cut through the police dept special entrance at way over the speed limit like I did every morning -- on the way to calculus...

Nickleback - just for you - sunny and crystal are in the backseat -- we're on our way home from a volleyball game -- it's late, dark already -- I'm talking about him -- it's cold, fall

Nickleback - too bad -- Brians in the car -- passenger seat -- he loves this CD -- 2 am -- we just got off work -- Target -- I'm giving him a ride home

RHCP - otherside - driving down the parkway -- on the way to a bball game

Nickleback - Someday - moving to huntsville -- I'm in the civic on 65 -- talking to dad on the cellphone and telling him where to turn

RHCP - scar tissue - parkway HS bathroom -- sunnys crying, I don't have any asprin

Lifehouse - breathing & sick cycle carousel - I'm driving down that road -- I can't say where - i'm learning where everything is -- I want to live here someday -- I'm happy here... this memory makes me sad

jewel -- hands -- my brothers truck -- hes driving -- dads mad again

verticle horizon - you're all I want -- the old house -- before we declared bankruptcy -- in the office -- cindys doing homework and wants me to go away -- the office always had such a distinct smell -- from the old computer that I would play hunt-the-wompus-on -- and the office chair. I loved the office chair.

Third Day - your love o lord -- shes drunk and throwing things -- moms crying -- shes crying -- im crying -- im on the floor with my back against the door so she can't leave -- my radio in my rooms on... offerings -- i hate this

Third Day - she sings in riddles - driving to church in springville -- half an hour away -- interstate -- wearing my linin suit -- I hope im not late

Third Day - give - RGIS. Hate this job -- the suns not up -- where the hell am i anyway? I wrote down the instructions on a yellow tag in the glovebox

Santana - smooth -- monica sunny and crystal in the back seat -- on the way to school -- we're late for practice -- we went to get Hawaiian shaved ices after school -- rips gonna be pissed

Dont worry be happy -- the old house -- I was very little -- singing from my nook with my head between the stairwell bars -- moms cooking dinner downstairs.

cake - comfort eagle -- he can't believe I like cake -- why not? "Everyone loves cake." "No they don't." "Well I like cake."

Billy Don't be a hero - the old record player -- Jennifers and me sitting in front of the old record player -- I love this record -- it's got all the great hits

Corey Taylor - bother - josh. I'm on the deck at moms

Creed - higher - Kevin

Nickleback - figured you out - HA can't post that one ;)

eastmountainsouth - you dance - pure misery and angst LOL I remember it perfectly.

Hmmm... that one ruined the fun -- no more music tonight.


Blogger Jewels said...


I am the same way about songs. There are some songs I've held onto for years because the remind me of someone or something. Most songs are ruined for me though, because most of them are associated with failed relationships.

That eastmountainsouth song is beautiful, it's too bad that it's ruined for you. There are so many albums that I should just dump from my library and throw away, because they make me want to cry every time.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Tel said...

I'm amazed, too, by the power of music and how it can take me back. Sometimes good. Sometimes not so much.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

all our libraries could use some cleaning out.

11:37 PM  

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