At the smoothie bar

Me: "How many grams of protein are in a protein boost?"

Worker: "I don't know." Pointing to a jar on the counter, "The green and white one."

Person: "8 grams."

Me: Picking up jar, "8 grams!? That's a BOOSTER?" While reading nutritional stats, "Christ, I can get this in a snickers." Looking up, "Can you put like 4 boosters in a smoothie?"

Worker: "Sure."

Me: "I want a strawberry sunrise -- number 11 -- with 2 protein boosters." (Note to everyone out there -- this far too overpriced smoothie is AWESOME, is sugar free, and only has 75 calories {153 if you get it with yogurt in it} -- then they toss protein in it -- thats way better, & lass calories than the protein I drink at home. If I could afford it -- which I can't -- I'd get these everyday.)

Person: "You had... surgery didn't you?"

Me: Getting wallet out of purse, and in retrospect, apparently too rude to even look at someone: "Gastric Bypass."

Person: "I knew you had lost weight! I had it a month ago. How far out are you?"

Me: Paying for overpriced smoothie, "Facundus."

Person: "Yeah!"

Then we had a lengthy (considering she was having a meeting with someone at one of the tables) conversation exchanging a few things of encouragement, discouragement, and thoughts. I know who this person is, but wasn't aware she possibly had a shot at remembering me -- though, now that I think of it, I do recall making a bit of a stink that probably got me remembered by those in authority.

Shes going on vacation tomorrow but coming back Tuesday. She says shes gonna call me and we can get together -- shes also going to take 2 bags of clotehs I have in my closet that I've been too lazy to give away yet. I told her I'd make her a 1-month out appropriate meal one night & we could work out together. I wouldn't mind this happening obviously, but I'm jaded and know too many flakes so I don't expect to hear from her again.


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