Do you ever just amuse yourself with something you say? I do. I feel blessed to have this capacity. Man, I wish I could have a clone.

But if your clone becomes your best friend -- can you consider that having a life? Cause I should think me and the clone could play board games and just make each other laugh for hours. Would that be wrong? How much does a clone run? And not one of those baby-clones -- I'm talking a "multiplicity" clone.

I wonder what I would name her...


Blogger M. said...

Yeah, that would be cool. All the duets we could sing, practical jokes. Cutting each other's hair.

But then the bad side...

Me: Hey, what did you do today?
Clone: Went out see Cars, and hang out at the waterfront.
Me: By yourself?
Clone: No, with ________. She's cool, I think I'm going to see her more.
Me: ______? Dude, were just friends!
Clone: No, YOU are just friends. I going for a little more.
Me: I see... wait, you had my sandals all this time today? We need to talk.

3:00 PM  

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