Minus 10 Inches

I couldn't sleep so I was just laying in bed thinking about things -- things like the fact that I might be homeless and schooless in a few months... and the fact that mom hasn't found a job yet which means shes gonna have to sell her house and move to ____. That's a blank because there's no where. Perhaps she could have moved in with my brother before they decided to sell their brand new gorgeous house because they couldn't afford it. Money sucks.

Since sleep was off the table, I decided to get up and measure to see how much size I've lost (I've done this semi-monthly since right before I had the surgery). You know, nothing is better for the ego than measuring your fat rolls with a measuring tape. What's the ideal waist size? Twenty something? HA -- yeah...

So I measure all the places and write down the new numbers in my little book... and see that I've really not lost anything in 2 months so I do a happy dance. (That was sarcasm, in case you didn't catch it). So I flip around to see what I was before the surgery and I move the measurer to that number.

Holy shit. 10 inches is a LOT. I was so excited that I immediately took a picture to post here. See --->

10 inches in the hips and also 10 inches across my chest (something like 7.5 in the belly, if you're wondering). I cringe that I was that big. I cringe because I'm big now -- so I'm absolutely ashamed that I was even bigger. *cringe*

PS: I was excited so I took a picture. Please ignore the "I just got out of bed at 3AM to measure my fat rolls" look. Yes, those are my PJs. I like them. Never say you don't know what I look like when I wake up.


Anonymous Leah said...

just keep up the work of the past year. Think of it this way: in another year from now, if you progress at the same rate (that seems slow to you), that will be 20 inches down. Even if you don't progress as fast, you'll still be further down. Just keep moving forward and take each day as it comes as you remember how far you've come.

4:05 PM  

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