Fuzzy Butt

Jack has discovered that he can get on top of the refrigerator. The first night he discovered the wondrous pleasures of the feather duster I kept up there. But now that I've removed that to a drawer, he's figured out that he can hang over the edge and paw at the shiny magnets. Pawing at the shiny magnets makes things fall to the floor. Naturally, this gives him great satisfaction.

The neighbors still come to visit him. He loves being so adored. And yesterday, as I was cleaning up the shattered remains of a light-bulb (yep, you guess it -- Jack broke it when he knocked over the lamp... again), she said that she felt sorry for me. Uhoh. Nothing that follows that sentence from the mouth of a child is ever good. It usually comes right before a simple innocent observation -- something like "why are you bigger than everyone else?" (Yes, that happened to me.) So I braced myself and tried to hide the expectant cringe when I asked her why. Do you know what she said?

"Because you have to come home from work everyday and clean up all the stuff Jack broke."

HA! I laughed (as I used the pliers to attempt to remove the light-bulbs remaining base). That's so true. But I like the little fucker. Everyone says he'll grow out of this destructive phase -- the one that breaks my lamps and clears off the tables and counter tops every night -- that has already broken an entire set of glasses since we've lived here -- that climbs into my craft bag at night and eats my paintbrushes. But some of the devilishness amuses me to no end. Two days ago when I woke up and pulled back the shower curtain, I found Jacks toys -- all of them -- in the bath tub. Clever. And I love how he purrs constantly. And last night -- for a few brief moments -- I tricked him into curling up in my arms in bed so I could hold his purring fuzzy form like a teddy bear. It melted my heart.

I like Jack. And on the bright side -- rather than living alone and jumping at every single creak from the upstairs neighbor -- I now hear things shatter on a regular nightly basis and just ignore it. It's good for me.


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