Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Holy shit, yall! I'm actually going to graduate next year! They're finally gonna let me out -- and give me a degree and everything. I'm either gonna be out next Summer or next Fall. I think summer, but I doubt the classes I need to finish will be offered in the summer, so probably fall. And that's a year away, right -- but that's only 3 semesters. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN IN COLLEGE -- three semesters is so doable.

I actually did not realize this until just now when I was checking up on my Fall tuition costs. I'm fucking ecstatic right now.

I live on my own in my OWN PERFECTLY AWESOME apartment -- I've got the easiest job on the planet -- I've got my cat -- my DREAM CAR -- and a graduation date in sight. I've also lost over a hundred pounds and discovered that I am an excellent cook.

Nice. We're finally gettin' somewhere.

Oh and I picked up a book at the bookstore today to read on the beach. Stiff by Mary Roach. I know, morbid -- but I've been wanting to read it. I read a chapter from the middle of the book while I was in the store -- to make sure I'd like it -- and I had to make myself put it down. I had to leave it in the trunk of the car so I won't read it. This week is for studying for finals -- book is for the beach. I'm also going to finish up Marley & Me. I loaned it to my sister forever ago and she hasn't given it back yet. I was going to get Freakonomics thinking that I hadn't read it all -- but when I flipped through it in the store I realized that I had. Wow, that book must be printed on thick stock because it looks a LOT longer than it really is. Oh and someone made off with my copy of Screwtape Letters and gave me a phone number that doesn't work. Fucker. That was a special edition print too -- bought it when I worked at BN because I like the book so much I wanted to have a nice shelf copy. That's the last time I loan out a book -- it had my favorite bookmark in it too.

I know -- you didn't know I could read, did you?


Anonymous Leah said...

freakonomics is good but short as hell.

I look forward to hearing how stiff is b/c I've always wanted to read it. Maybe I'll get it for myself as a treat to read across country . . .

2:20 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

I'll let you know -- the parts I've read (about a chapter and a half) were great -- and all the reviews are awesome. It looks to be a pretty quick read -- good for the beach.

I'd really be interested in the topic matter for "Spook" too, but all the reviews on it are horrible. Apparently she focuses more on the people (to paint as quacks) and less on the real subject of the book -- whether or not there is a soul.

Sucks because it seems like it had awesome potential but just came out as a let down.

Then again, I'll probably end up reading it anyway if I really enjoy "Stiff" as much as I think I will.

Cheap book BTW -- only 13 bucks. I went to Books-A-Million because they had it on sale on their website -- not in the store. Wasted trip because even though they really pissed me off, I have to admit BN's total superiority as a book store. I could have picked it up there for the same price, had a way better experience AND browsed the largest BN baragin book collection in the US. Live & Learn.

& Yes, I agree, Freakonomics was great and incredibly short. For anyone who hasn't read it -- it's really just a few essays. They're great but I wish they'd included more of their methods -- not JUST the conclusions. The fact that it's so short and nicely divided between chapters would make it great for someone who doesn't have much time to sit down and read.

7:56 AM  

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