I want to go fishing. Alabama has some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. And it’s an activity I would enjoy (given that I am thoroughly coated in mosquito repellant at all times said fishing is to occur). My brother took me fishing once – it was awesome. He didn’t even make me bait my own hook – though he did make me hold the fish I caught…

Anyway, I don’t have a rod & reel or even know what the hell I’m doing. Anyone want to go fishing? Preferably someone who has the equipment and some experience – though experience is just sitting there with a string in the water, I’d assume. Alabama fishing licenses aren’t too pricey.

I wonder how much a rod & reel would cost? For some reason, right now, I’m on a I-want-to-go-fishing kick, which is strange for someone who’s only been fishing once in her life (not by choice – just no one ever took me). It just seems like it would be so nice – just sitting by the lake waiting to catch a gigantic fish. And there are some great lakes that aren’t to far away – it’s not at all unfeasible that I could drive out to a lake and spend about 2 hours or so sitting there in a comfy chair reading a book and waiting on a 50lb bass to bite.

Hell, I’m an adult – once you have the equipment, fishing is free. I’ve got a car – I just need a rod, reel, a comfy chair and some instructions.

Who’s with me? Anyone wanna come?


Anonymous Leah said...

not quite free -- you do need a license to go fishing (tho in Alabama, the resident license is only $10).

I don't really like fishing, and I liked it even less after spending a whole summer counting dead fish. I just feel really bad for these beautiful, wild creatures who are yanked out of the water and die by suffocation. I'd much rather eat a cow or chicken that was purposely raised to feed me.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Yeah I think it's like 11 dollars for a resident to get an annual license.

And you'd rather eat a cow that was raised to be eaten? These fish were raised to be caught. Fish populations are closely watched -- this is why there are limits on how many you can catch and what size they can be -- most of the time they REQUEST the you catch and keep a certain kind or a certain size because the population is getting out of control.

Even at the duck pond here on campus, they have to allow/request fishing one day out of the year to keep the fish population in check.

Fishing is part of the ecosystem now -- the way the fish populations and predators are now, if we were to not fish -- it would get horribly out of whack and they'd have to find ways to catch or kill off some of them.

And dude, I happen to love beef -- so don't get me wrong here -- but I can't believe you'd actually prefer raising up a cow on a barn and sending it off to a slaughter house where they actually employ "knockers" to hit them on the head before they slit their throat (so they won't struggle) to a guy fishing -- where a fish is naturally born, lives in it's natural environment and is then one day caught. No comparison. (Of course like I said, I'm still eating beef -- bought some burgers to cook last night -- yummy.)

12:01 PM  

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