I have now officially been fingerprinted by an officer of the law. By next week, these prints will be entered into the national FBI database. So in the future, if my fingerprints ever show up at a crime scene – I’ll know! Or if I get decapitated, or my face gets smashed in – they can still identify the body. Isn’t that awesome?

It really is fascinating how these smudges on a page go into a national database of millions of similar smudges, which can quickly be searched for comparisons. Twenty years from now, someone can take a smudge from a bottle of water in my refrigerator, run it through said database and pull up my records. That’s fascinating. I already know this from general knowledge and the plethora of Law & Order spin-offs – but somehow it seems so much more magical than the real experience. They’re just black smudges on a white card – they look like fingerprints. They don’t look like something that is unique to me – something that can stand up to comparison to millions of others.

I wish I had a scanner with me so I could keep my fingerprint card…


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