Extreme Makeover Wedding

I'm watching this show -- Extreme Makeovers. They take these (ugly) people and totally make them over -- every plastic surgery you could thing of -- hair - clothes - they make them work out hard core -- new teeth -- all of it. If something can be made better, they do it. They take ugly people and make the gorgeous. Fascinating show.

This episode is a wedding -- it's a couple getting made over completely -- they won't see each other again until their wedding -- when they look TOTALLY different. I know we're all cynical and going WTF -- but yall, it made me cry. They look so good! And their faces! Can you imagine? They look great -- and they're totally bawling at the alter because they not only havn't seen each other for 2 months -- but they also look GORGEOUS.

That guy was not very attractive before -- now he's down right hot. She looks great too! Damn! They are going to have such good sex when they finally get away from their families. I've never seen a guy makeover that was so well done. He was downright ugly before -- and now he's gorgeous. Damn. He could be a model now -- seriously. He looks like his super hot older brother or something.

I hope it works out for them. I mean that's a huge change -- they left their ugly fiance 2 months ago and now they're married to these super hot people. Damn -- that's so weird! They seem super sweet though -- and they look so in love! Awwwwwww!


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